How to Stay Organised and Motivated!


Having a blog, homework, school work and life and general can all get a little bit overwhelming at times and  I completely understand! But, doing this for just over a year, and although I am not completely organised at times, I have definitely learnt some stuff along the way!! Here are just a few tips, that will hopefully motivate you, and help you get more organised. Hope you enjoy!

1. Create lists regularly!
I can't say it enough! Physically the process of writing things down and looking at what you need to do, is definitely something I would totally recommend! Having a list beside you, constantly reminding to get everything finished will definitely help you in the long run. Also I'm not sure about you, but I find it so satisfying to tick everything off once I have completed it!!

2. Keep your planner up to date!
I have a planner for school and a planner for home and blogging (you can find it here) and honestly, by checking it and writing everything down, has really helped me stay organised and remember what I need to do! Checking it every morning and night before school, helps me mentally prepare for the next day ahead.

3. Devote 10 - 15 minutes a day to clean and organise your room / workspace
Every night before bed and morning before I go to school, I just run around and put everything away (although let's be honest, I'm sitting here now with stuff overflowing everywhere and clothes all over my floor!) But sometimes (not all the time) it is great to have a tidy room! They do say 'tidy room, tidy mind'!

4. De - clutter your room / life!
One of my new year's resolutions (to be honest, I completely forgot about all of them!) was to de- clutter my life, and I have been really trying, (a few online purchases here and there), but overall I have tried really hard to clear everything else and cut back on the spending!!

5. Get as much you can done in advance!
Now, this is definitely easier said then done, because there is only so many hours in a day, and it gets to a certain time of the day when were officially 'DONE!' But sometimes when I 'spontaneously' feel the motivation to write a blog post (or if I'm lucky, maybe two) then I guess that's planning in advance. But I'm definitely that person at 11:30 at night finishing the assignment due the next day!

6.  Avoid perfection
I know this is hard to believe when you see the model on the cover of vogue, or the perfect student in your math class, who is always getting A's on their report card. But let me tell you know, being 'perfect' is not even the slightest bit true! One of the reasons you may be struggling with organisation is because your spending hours on one task and not others that may be just as important. I'm not saying give up and not put in 100%, maybe allocate certain times and deadlines for certain tasks, therefore you spend less time, but still putting in the 100%.

7. Reward yourself when you do complete something or do well!
Now that you've worked your heart out on this assignment, and you've done it to your best ability, reward yourself! Honestly, now all those late nights and hours studying are worth it!

What are some of your favourite organisational studying tips!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post, and feel more motivated to stay organised !

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